What Exactly Are Binary Options?

Everyone knows the vast fortunes that can be made when trading financial instruments (Stocks, Currencies, etc.)

Stories and living testimonies abound of traders who started their careers penniless and within a few short years, took early retirement having amassed a multimillion-dollar fortune.

And until the last few decades, nearly all these traders were employees of various Banks or Private Corporations, who were given a fund containing thousands to trade with.

Fortunately, all that has now changed.

Thanks to the internet, the barriers of entry with regards to trading financial instruments has now become readily accessible to the average Joe.

Now everybody in theory has the potential to create their own rags-to-riches stories, all thanks to the ability to now do online trading.

Unfortunately for most people, buying and selling shares is as far as their knowledge extends with regards to trading.

I say unfortunately, for the process of buying a share in your name, only to sell it back later in the hope that it has increased in value, is one of the slowest ways to amass a fortune.

Whilst there are very rare exceptions, where the price of a share increases 10-50 times what you paid for it by the time you come to sell, such opportunities literally come about once in a life time (besides which the fees you pay your broker for doing this transaction can eat into your profit).

Whilst there are other types of trading which could bring you far greater returns than mere online trading (such as trading Forex, Futures or Options) these are generally far more complicated forms of trading.

And as such, anybody wishing to trade these financial instruments will need in-depth understanding of how the financial world works.

Yet in recent years a new type of trading has begun to emerge: Binary Options!

In many ways, Binary Options are a sort of a hybrid, in that not only are they very simple to understand, but one can make far higher returns compared to if one were to just try online stock trading!

How much higher I hear you ask?

Well with some trades regularly returning 190% of what you put in only a few minutes/hours ago, Binary Options are taking the financial world by storm!


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