The Binary Options Brokers Which I Use

Now we have uncovered just what Binary Options are; how they are traded as well as the research that is required by a trader before placing such a trade, (i.e. technical analysis) it is now time that we look at some of the legitimate Binary Options brokers platforms around.

For make no mistake, whilst there are many legit online Binary Options brokers, the internet is rife with scam artists.

Like most online scams, it only takes a couple of scammers with some web design skills to create and host a genuine-looking Binary Options platform, upon which you innocently set up an account, deposit some money, only for the site to disappear a short while later.

Therefore the only way to get around this problem is to go with a platform which has been around for a number of years (for scammers know that the longer they have their scams open, the greater the chances are that they will get caught).

Yet even if you find a Binary Options broker platform which has been around for a few years, you still want to make sure that you have a platform which will display the results accurately as and when they happen.

Although I can’t be certain, it wouldn’t surprise me if some Binary Options platforms have algorithms which alter the price of an asset slightly (only on their platform of course) if they think they may have to pay out to a large enough of their users.

While this accusation is hard to prove (and I am not naming any such Binary Option brokers), what I can say with certainty though is that there are legitimate platforms around.


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